How to develop firmware and  program Skoobot

Download Firmware Segger Project from Github, either zip file or clone. If you don't know what clone is, get zip file.

Download Segger Studio ARM edition, install and register

Get 5 male to female jumper wires, different colors are best, try Adafruit

Get a J-Link EDU programmer, Adafruit, Digikey and Amazon are good places. It will be $70 or more on Amazon, clones are less and NOT recommended.

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I made black-gnd, red-vcc, yellow-reset, blue-sdio, green-sdclk. These signals are silkscreened on the companion board. On the ribbon cable, the blue wire is pin1. Please note the key on the J-Link connector (the raised square in the center). This corresponds to the image of the pinout here on the right. When the robot is switched off, it is in UART mode, green led on. Switch the robot on, then it is in J-Link mode, green led off. Then it can be programmed.

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