• Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832, Cortex-M4F, 32-bit, 512k flash, 64k SRAM, Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless

  • ST VL6180X Distance sensor, distance 0-5cm, ambient light level, controlled over i2c

  • Knowles Microphone, cellphone type, PDM interface to nRF peripheral, outputs raw PCM (signed 16bit mono audio)

  • Buzzer 10mm round, controlled by PWM peripheral through gpio

  • 2 stepper motors, controlled by 2 TI DRV6634 stepper drivers, drivers are controlled by nRF gpios

  • Green led indicator

Companion board:

  • Microchip Lipo battery charger (blue led means charging)

  • FTDI R232RL for Arduino or UART to USB, green led -Tx activity, yellow led - Rx Activity

  • Analog switch, comparator, diode, 3V regulator - enables automatic multiplexing of UART and SWD

    • Robot power switch on - SWD mode (also called JTAG or J-Link mode)​, green led off, robot powered by it's battery

    • Robot power switch off - UART or Arduino mode, green led on, robot powered by companion regulator

  • Jumper fail over for switching to UART or SWD

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