Skoopy - Python

The Python code written by Robert Black for The Raspberry Pi is on this Github url:

SkooJ - Javascript

The Skoobot Javascript code for the Raspberry Pi is on this Github url:

You can clone or download zip and unzip.

Don't enter the ", they are for display here:

  1. Download Node.js here (my Pi 3 wanted ARMv7):

  2. unzip it: "tar -xf <name.tar>" mine was "tar -xf node-v8.11.3-linux-armv7l.tar"

  3. Change to directory:  "cd node-v8.11.3-linux-armv7l"

  4. Copy Node.js programs to /usr/local:  "sudo cp -R * /usr/local/"

  5. Download Noble: "npm install noble"

  6. Run code from github you downloaded: "node skoobot.js"

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