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Apr 8

Any gpio available


I haven't seen any schematics or layouts. Are there free gpio pins available for test and debug on the main board or companion board?

Yeah David, when Skoobot is on companion board and robot switch is off, it is powered by the companion board and a UART is available. I use Realterm.

What pins are Rx and Tx? Are there any pins I could toggle on and off?

The companion board has a FT232RL USB to UART. So on Windows, there will be a com port it's on. The COM port settings are 8N1 115200bps. You can download the free Reaterm (or any other serial port program) and open the com port. Skoobot firmware default to outputting "A" over and over. That will tell you it's working.

Oh yeah, there was no room for gpios. You could debug with serial or BLE, or the single green led. You can also run the Segger debugger and step through the code.

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