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Oct 18, 2018

Flash loading mentioned on May 8 Youtube Video

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Bill, I watched a Youtube video you posted back on May 8 titled "First robot

for sale". Towards the end, you mentioned problems downloading to

flash using J-link and Segger Studio, and with J-link Lite. You said it

was only successful some of the time using Segger, and would not

download the Nordic soft device using J-link Lite. (Is J-link Lite a

burner program for the J-link using perhaps a hex or binary file, or is

it hardware?) You wanted to slow down the data rate because of the

noise associated with all the extra wiring. I wonder whether you have

resolved these problems.



Oct 18, 2018

Yeah, it's resolved. I thought it was the robot but it was that particular j-link. I bought a new J-link EDU and the problem went away. Using J-Link lite in the future is something I have to figure out because both the Nordic softdevice and the firmware have to be programmed to flash. It is straightforward doing a simple download, but 2 hex files I don't know. With Segger Studio it's automatic. Since Segger Studio is free I didn't bother yet.